Professor Steve Keen [@ProfSteveKeen]

Can #Cryptocurrencies Be #Money ?

We are honoured to announce that Prof. Steve Keen will be joining us as a special guest speaker and panelist at BitBrum in November.

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” [Henry Ford].

Famous for predicting the global financial crisis Prof. Keen (AKA Dr Doom) is a renown critic of Neoclassical economics and an expert in economic modelling. Notably the Bank of England has pointed out that cryptocurrencies operating on public blockchains will for the first time in history enable us to ascertain the velocity of money which is one key metric for economic growth.

There is no doubt that 2008 financial crisis has had a profound effect on everyone attending BitBrum.

Satoshi Nakamoto famously referenced the bail-out of the banks in the Bitcoin genesis block and Professor Keen has some equally profound and contrarian views on debt, austerity and moreover the nature of money itself which have earned him the respect of many in the cryptocurrency space.

Steve is Professor and Head of the School of Economics, History and Politics at Kingston University in London and the author of Debunking Economics & Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis. 

Chris Coney [@ChrisConeyInt]

Chris Coney of The Cryptoverse & Cryptoversity the UK’s leading YouTube cryptocurrency news & learning channel will be acting as MC for the event, interviewing guests and hosting a panel discussion.

“Chris Coney does a great job leading the learner from confusion to confidence in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.”

Gary Broadfield [@GaslanB]

#Bitcoin & The #Law

Gary is a solicitor and the Head of Cyber Crime at Cartwright King. He is regularly instructed to defend in some of the largest and most complex criminal cases prosecuted in England & Wales. He is a leader in the field of defending cases involving hacking and the “dark web” and has acted for a number of individuals accused of running and participating in darknet marketplaces. He first became interested in crypto currencies in 2013 through their potential for use in online crime and money laundering and has observed and lectured on the growth of Bitcoin ever since.

Salena Worrall [@ZonafideWallet /]

Salena graduated in History and Politics from University of Coventry. She has since had a fifteen year teaching career. Salena joined Zonafide full-time in September 2015. She  identified the first use case with Local Government Register Services across England and Wales in life event notifications, built the relationship and closed first agreements. She is now focused on engaging, training and onboarding Service Providers in financial services, utilities, retail and telco’s at CxO level to process the Zonafide life event activities.

Zonafide is A Digital Wallet for Securing Activities using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Just like you send messages and pictures Zonafide enables people to send someone an assurance that an Activity is genuinely being carried out by them. They can protect their important transactions, avoid fraud, cyber crime, data loss and impersonation. Most importantly they can leverage their social and professional relationships to help secure those activities.

Zonafide is one of the first to have an Ethereum DApp available on Android and Apple iOS TestFlight, in a non-financial application and a use case with UK Local Governments and Organisations in life events. Founders Paul and Salena Worrall have recently grown their team in preparation for a potential crypto crowdfunding to include Shaun Djie and Chris Hitchcott of DigixGLobal, engaged CMS Nabarro Olswang LLP as their legal partners and built out their operational team.

Stuart Bowles [@mutualspring]

“Findings of a Research Project on Alternative Currencies for Birmingham”

Stuart is a PhD Candidate at the University of Birmingham. He has background in sustainability, socioeconomic processes, financial innovation and social enterprise. His PhD explores the role alternative financial innovations including cryptocurrency will have in society, particularly towards meeting the objectives of sustainability. He advises cryptocurrency investors, projects and users with his company; Mutual Spring Ltd.

The talk will centre on a recently completed research project on developing a local currency in Birmingham. The initiative drew together regional stakeholders and aimed to develop a currency that could support local economic activity. It will consider the theoretical framework and practical issues for an alternative currency projects. It will draw on pioneering cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency solutions the limitations identified.

Erik Finman [@erikfinman]

“I’ll put $100,000 into a Puerto Rico Charity if you’re balls enough to fight me in the ring”.

Erik is an 18-year old entrepreneur who is now a millionaire through bitcoin investments (began at age 12). By 2013, Erik cashed in the first of his bitcoin investments, when they were valued at $1,200 a piece. His $1,000 investment was now worth a hundred times his grandmother’s gift. With the cash, Erik launched his first startup, Botangle, an online education program that allowed frustrated students to discover specific teachers, digitally (via video chat). The company was then acquired for its back-end technology. Today, Erik is working on several large projects including a mission financed by NASA to ‘democratize space’ with a time capsule / satellite. He is also focused on cutting-edge robotics products and future cryptocurrency announcements. Erik currently lives in Los Angeles.

As crypto-currency becomes more mainstream, now 18-year old bitcoin millionaire and entrepreneur, Erik Finman, will tell us how he turned a $1,000 gift from his grandmother, into $100,000 by 15. He will focus on obstacles he’s experienced in the bitcoin world as well as current regulatory issues and political viewpoints. Erik will provide insight on trends and projections for 2018 in regard to bitcoin and cryptocurrency, in general. With success in bitcoin investment at such a young age, Erik will also address how he sees society changing, as a whole, in regard to currency and how it relates to industries and emerging technologies (robotics, aerospace, military, security, etc.).

Dr Douglas Bakkum [Digital Bitbox / Shift Devices AG]

Douglas co-founded Shift Devices and is the inventor of the Digital Bitbox cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Shift Devices builds personal physical keys for the digital world. These keys solve the problem of how digital assets can be secured in the safest way possible that is still simple for users.

Douglas is an accomplished Neuroengineering scientist (PhD. Georgia Tech) and former group leader at ETH Zürich (6 years) with a diverse background spanning mechanical engineering (M.Sc. and B.Sc.), AI, cognitive science and robotics. On the side, his collaborative works in the bioart field, the Meart and CellF projects, have been exhibited around the world and received numerous prizes.