Are you a organisation providing products or services in the cryptocurrency space in the UK ?

BitBrum has a limited number of pitches consisting of a large dressed table, power and ample space for pop-up displays in the main exhibition hall. These are available on a first come first served basis. Exhibitors will receive pre-allocated tickets since demand for this free event is already high. Exhibitors also get their logo and organisational information included on print and digital media created for the event.

If you are interested in exhibiting at #BitBrum then please contact us.
Adam Rizvi – CoinFestUK & Cryptobates Group.
Steve (Joe) Ratheram – Inspiring Company Limited.


Cryptograbber. A physical arcade claw machine converted to accept Bitcoin.


This event will bring together some of the hottest gadgetry and most savvy service providers in the space – all in one place. And you’ll be able to benefit from first hand advice from experts and the wisdom of the crowd alike. And maybe even pick up a show prize or bargain.

If you are like us trying to make your way in this new economy, have already aced it with some killer product or service – or have been secretly building the next one. Then this is the place to come out!.

We aim to make participation in this event economic and open to all – in short – a level playing field. So get your head out of GitHub for a day and come and meet your future user base.