Bitcoin Basics Matt Baldock
Portsmouth Crypto
Lifting the Bonnet on Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Steve (Joe) Ratheram
Inspiring Co
Cryptocurrency Mining Education Greg Walker
Beyond Bitcoin with the Lightning Network Max Flores
Bitcoin Manchester
Crypto Chart Analysis ColmoreFX / Coindex


Matt Baldock [Portsmouth Crypto]
Matt from Portsmouth in Hampshire has been involved with bitcoin for over four years and his talks are popular with CoinFest devotees and further afield. Aimed at newbies in the space Matt’s Bitcoin Basics sessions focus on the origins of Bitcoin as sound money and provide straightforward and easy to understand information for those taking their first steps with digital currencies.

Max Flores [Manchester Bitcoin ]
Max Flores from Glasgow is a veteran of the Bitcoin space. His experience will offer you a bleeding edge insight into what comes next ~ beyond bitcoin. Max will get into next level developments in the Bitcoin protocol resulting from SegWit activation. A high level overview of the Lightning Network, how it works and a live hands on demonstration of payment channels and Lightning Apps.

Greg Walker []
Greg’s Mining Education Workshops have been a huge hit at Bitcoin Manchester / MADLAB and he will be running these at BitBrighton in October. Greg gets into the practicalities of Bitcoin mining HW & SW and builds applications that illustrate Blockchain transactions in detail.

Steve (Joe) Ratheram [Inspiring Co]
Joe is an automotive engineer and has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2013. He has delivered talks & workshops at CoinFestUK, several leading midlands universities & engineering firms, the DETC and ‘others’. Joe’s talks lift the bonnet on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and explain how their underlying cryptographic protocols, blockchains and consensus mechanisms work in detail.



#BitBrum will bring together a host of people from the length and breadth of the UK cryptocurrency scene that share one thing in common. They have all earned their spurs and dedicated a lot of time and energy to helping the wider cryptocurrency community learn – often from their own mistakes as early adopters of this amazing technology.

We’ll be hosting foundation classes on cryptocurrency and the underlying cryptography, consensus mechanisms and “blockchain” technology for newbies in the space. Together with mining education workshops and talks covering the latest development in Bitcoin, Ethereum, other ‘alts’ and the future development of these technologies such as scaling, segregated witness, Lightning Network and much more.