Cryptobates Group (CoinFestUK organisers) & Inspiring Co. are delighted to announce Birmingham’s inaugural #BitBrum cryptocurrency & ‘blockchain’ conference to be held on Sunday November 19th 2017.

A stellar lineup of special guest speakers, exhibitors, educational talks and workshops running throughout the day at The Studio a superb venue in the heart of Birmingham city centre. Just a few minutes walk from Birmingham Grand Central / New Street station.

This event will be FREE to attend, offer FREE education and FREE hospitality. It’s a not for profit, community inspired cryptocurrency & ‘blockchain’ technology event
~ by the space ~ for the space.

“Bitcoin doesn’t care where you are born – what colour your skin is – or where you are in the world.
It’s an open network maintained equally by people all over the world. Anyone can verify the transactions and it happens instantly…”
Bitcoin is an open community of inclusion. An invitation to participate in an open world.
Join us today – start a Bitcoin wallet – and help us shape the future.”

“So welcome. We are all crazy?.
When we look Bitcoin and we don’t see a weird crazy Ponzi scheme.
We see possibilities, we see vision,
we see something that can improve the lives of potentially billions of people”.

“We see the possibility of moving away from the state because the state does not add anything to currency. It only destroys things with currency”.

“Be comfortable in that position. Be comfortable in the position of the ridiculed, of the outsider, of the weirdo, of the tinkerer …
~ who sees in technology the potential that others do not see”.